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Image for Aquamira WaterBasics Redline Water Bottle with Filter from United States Store
Did you know that the Church sells Aquamira bottles? These are a great water filtration product because they're equipped with a water filter right inside the bottle. But, there's one little thing you might not know about this and most other water bottles-- they need to be primed before you drink from it. Remember "The Pump"? That movie we all watched in primary or seminary where the guy doesn't prime the pump... It's kind of like that! So, how do you prime the Aquamira? Simply fill the bottle with water and squeeze it all out. Fill it up once more, and squeeze it out again. Once you've filled up the bottle twice and squeezed all of the water out, the filter is ready to go! It's a good idea to prime your bottle now, before an emergency, so you don't have to waste precious time or water. The Aquamira is also better than most other water filter bottles because it is CERTIFIED to remove virus, bacteria, and parasites to US EPA standards. It also reduces bio toxins, chemicals, chlorine, bad taste, odor and is certified lead free. One filter can filter up to 120 gallons of water before needing to be replaced.  The water bottle comes with 2 filters so that's 240 gallons before you'll need to buy another filter. If you're interested in purchasing a Aquamira bottle online, click here